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The Student in Business Mentoring Programme is an offer aimed at final-year students and new entrants to the labour market

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From student life to future career

In Education Esbjerg, as part of the Student in Business initiative, we run the Student in Business (SIBU) Mentoring Programme in which we match students, who have 6-24 months left of their studies with mentors from the business community, who want to help and guide students in the transition from being a student to entering the labour market.

Through network meetings, interviews, sparring and exchanges of experience, the mentoring programme aims to ensure the student a smoother transition from student life to working life.

The mentoring programme gives mentors a chance to try their hand at 1 - 1 mentoring, expand their networks among other mentors and help students to get off to a good start in their future careers.

This contributes towards making Esbjerg a more attractive educational city, and helps to secure qualified labour for the employment market in South West Jutland.

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"My mentor has helped me with the application process for student work. As a result, I now have a student job."
Chen Jingchang, BA in International Sales & Marketing - Erhvervsakademi SydVest
“My mentor has given me an insight into what it’s like to work as a chemical engineer – such as how much time she spends in the lab, and the other things she does during her working day.”
Ditte Foged Jensen, Kemiingeniør studerende på Aalborg Universitet
“Personally, I think everyone has something that they can teach you and that you can teach them, and it’s always good to have new perspectives and inputs. Being a mentor gives me new tools that I can use both in my interviews with my mentee and in my daily work.”
Palle Lau Nordtorp, Project Engineer – Mechanical - Qubiqa
“My mentor has given me suggestions on how to use my experience, build on it, stand out from the crowd and make a good impression in the job application process.”
Freja Flodgaard Madsen, Kandidat i Cultural Sociology, SDU Esbjerg
“My interviews with Ditte have helped me to develop and improve my mentoring skills. If, for example, I need to help my colleagues with something, the mentoring experience just makes it that bit more natural for me to know how to help, or what to ask.”
Natalia Chrapkova. Process Engineer DSM
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