MEET A MENTOR: Louise Liberty Dohrmann

MEET A MENTOR: Louise Liberty Dohrmann


Louise Liberty Dohrmann graduated from SDU Esbjerg in 2015.
With a masters degree in Sports & Event Management Louise has worked in various different positions, and since 2020 she has been with Esbjerg Kommune as a HR & Digitalization Consultant.

In 2021 she also took a new role upon herself – to be a mentor in the Student In Business Mentoring Programme.
A role from which she draws upon her journey towards her current position.

“As a student I needed knowledge of the working life and its opportunities – and how to access it. To be able to help students find their way from student life to working life hands me the opportunity to give something back and help students in a position, where I used to be.”

Ákos, who is the mentee of Louise and a student at EASV Esbjerg, confirms that Louise indeed does give something back and that their educational differences do not stand in the way of Louise’s ability to guide him:

“Even though my mentor and I work in different fields the mentoring programme is a rewarding experience.
Louise has given me tips towards looking for an internship and to boost my CV. She also helps me towards getting to know more about Danish culture, the ‘working culture’ here as well as the labor market in Denmark. All of which are fields that I sought guidance in before entering the programme.”

"It is truly a unique experience to connect with a student in this way and share insights and motivations. I can recommend the role as a mentor to everyone, who has an interest in the student life of Esbjerg."

Louise Liberty Dohrmann

The opportunity to be in touch with students is a part of the programme that Louise values a lot. 
Not only in a professional way, but Louise also gains from the programme on a personal level:

“The mentor role develops me in many ways. I grow as a person, and have become better at communicating and focusing on the person behind the job (and job applications).
At the same time, I have also gained more insight into the student life in Esbjerg, and that makes it easier for me to create more room for student jobs, projects and internships.”

To finish off Louise has some final words for anyone considering whether or not the mentoring role is something for them:

“It is truly a unique experience to connect with a student in this way and share insights and motivations.
I can recommend the role as a mentor to everyone, who has an interest in the student life of Esbjerg.”


  • The mentoring programme is developed by Education Esbjerg as a part of the ”Student in Business” (SIBU) initiative.
  • Through networking meetings, interviews, sparring and exchanges of experience, the mentoring programme aims to ensure a smoother transition for the student from studies to working life.
  • The program runs from november to june each year.
  • There will be seven 1:1 conversations between the mentor and mentee. Throughout the programme there will also be three joined events: a kick-off event, a midwayworkshop and a closing event.
  • The programme is for both danish and international students.
  • This year the students (the mentees) comes from SDU, AAU, EASV, FMS og UC SYD.
  • Our mentors comes from the following companies: GLS Denmark, Alpha Aqua A/S, Qubiqa, Ramboll, Semco Maritime, Jansson El A/S, FOGA, Esbjerg Kommune, KVIST, Telesikring A/S, Quantity Digital, Sydvestjysk Sygehus, DSM, SEACABIN OFFSHORE A/S, Sydvestjyske Museer, Multijuice Consultancy, EVR A/S, XPconsult, Landal GreenParks, Ørsted, LEO Pharma, og ADP – Associated Danish Ports A/S.

Do you want to learn more about Education Esbjerg – then visit out website: HERE

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