Meet three of our mentors: Mathias, Dorthe and Christian

Meet three of our mentors: Mathias, Dorthe and Christian

in our second round of our mentoring programme we have 31 great mentors, who provide a student with help and sparring. Here you can meet three of them: Mathias, Dorthe and Christian.


Mathias Neessen and his mentee Silvia Dondi (Student at SDU) FOTO: Education Esbjerg

Throughout the past years Mathias Neessen has gained a lot of experience going from student worker and student to fulltime event coordinator at Esbjerg Kommune – responsible of events such as the great dodgeball tournament for the municipality’s students: Kongekampen.Last year this led Mathias to sign up for Education Esbjergs Mentoring Programme as a mentor and start sharing his experience with the students of Esbjerg. 

“I have always learned a lot from others and I am very happy to be able to pass on inspiration or open up doors for others that show the will to learn and develop themselves.”

And even though the Mentoring Programme is made for the students of Esbjerg the opportunity to learn is not exclusive to the mentee. Mathias explains that his mentee Silvia Dondi from Syddansk Universitet – University of Southern Denmark Esbjerg makes it just as rewarding being a mentor as a mentee:

“With a mentee I get new perspectives on some of my tasks and I gain a lot from being able to discuss with and open up my world to Silvia.
Through the Mentoring Programme I feel that I am able to inspire students here in Esbjerg and let them inspire me in my work, and I think that is a really strong dynamic.”

The ability to connect across fields of interests and different industries is also something which Mathias sees as a great advantage of participating in the Mentoring Programme:

“One of the most important things in the event industry is to have a good network, and I think that the opportunity to utilize networking and to be able to open up my network to a mentee is the most inspiring aspect of this programme.
It is a pleasure to help others find their path and to use my network in this way.


The words above come from Dorthe Bruun, who is an Education Consultant at Jobcenter Esbjerg. In addition to her daily work on Exnersgade, Dorthe is also a mentor in Education Esbjerg’s Mentoring Programme (Student In Business). Here she helps and gives advises to her mentee from the University of Southern Denmark (Esbjerg), Bianca Popescu Hansen.
And the mentor role is one that Dorthe enjoys having.

Dorthe Bruun together with her mentee Bianca Popescu Hansen (Student at SDU). Foto: Education Esbjerg

“It’s motivating to see a young person who is curious about knowledge, about herself, about networking, about the labour market and about the many exciting challenges that lies ahead.”

Dorthe also sees it as an important task to reach out to the students. Dorthe believes that facilitating the transition between student life and business life is essential for Esbjerg,

It’s my intention with participating in the programme to be able to give the students in Esbjerg insight into Esbjerg’s business life, so they can see that the city and the city’s companies have some good career opportunities. It is about volunteering for the students – giving something, get something back and thereby build a bridge to the business community. At the same time, I hope, both for Esbjerg, but also for my workplace, that we mentors can attract skilled and well-educated workforce to Esbjerg.”

In addition to showing her mentee the career opportunities in Esbjerg, the next few meetings between Dorthe and Bianca also offer more concrete guidance.

“For the next meetings, we will look at my mentee’s resume, and at the same time I will give an insight and introduction to different companies in Esbjerg.

We have previously held meetings with 13 of Esbjerg Municipality’s development consultants and DIN Forsyning, so we will focus on more private companies. That can open some new doors and give my mentee even more contacts. And networking helps to facilitate the transition between student and business life – which is why it is such an important focus for me. “


Christian Bendesen – Foto: Education Esbjerg

Christian Bendesen is a graduate in Marine Engineering from Fredericia Maskinmesterskole.
It was through the same educational institution Christian heard about the Mentoring Programme as well as the opportunity to sign up to be a mentor:

“When the opportunity to become a mentor came through the network that Fredericia Maskinmesterskole has for former students, I did not wait long to act – of course I had to be a mentor.
The reason behind my immediate response is that when I was finishing up my education, I could have used a mentor myself to support me.”

Therefore Christian is the support today that he himself could have used during his studies.
As a mentor for Jesper, who is on his last semester on Fredericia Maskinmesterskole in Esbjerg, Christian contributes to where Jesper is at right now, Jesper tells us:

“I signed up for the Mentoring Programme purely out of curiosity and without knowing, what the Programme would offer me, but today I feel that it is nice to have a mentor regarding my education and career choices.”

And the time around wrapping up one’s education and taking one’s first career choices is a time, where Christian sees himself contributing a lot as a mentor:

“My conversations with Jesper has given me the opportunity to share my experiences around the time of graduation as well as afterwards, and I have been able to tell Jesper, what follows when entering the labor market as a newly graduated Marine Engineer looking for a job.
We have also talked about what approach Jesper can take towards his final assignment, which he writes at Din Forsygning in Esbjerg, and I have given Jesper input concerning what other companies might be able to contribute to the assignment.”

In relation to the Mentoring Programme Christian hopes that more people, who are educated within the technical field, will sign up to be mentors in the future and that more companies within the technical field will contribute with mentors:

“I think that more from within the technical field should participate in this kind of support of the students which the Mentoring Programme is. Through our commitment we are able to secure that talented people enter the labor market.”


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I videoen herunder kan du høre fra forskellige mentees, hvilken forskel du kan gøre som mentor. 

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